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About Small Wind Turbines, LLC


Small Wind Turbines, LLC is a USA corporation that is commercializing a breakthrough technology in generators to be placed in light commercial and farm sized wind powered electrical turbine systems that fill the need for on-site low cost green renewable energy (5-99Kw capacities). Once these products are installed, the net result will provide renewable electricity at the lowest cost ever from a small wind system, a great return on investment, and, when using some type of energy storage service (local utility) device (batteries) or product (like NH3 or H2), can also produce income streams to the owner of the system through the sale of net excess energy.

Most of the electricity produced from wind today comes from large commercial generators strategically located in high wind areas which most often are at a distance from the end user of the power produced.  This arrangement requires construction of costly electrical transmission lines to carry the power, which also results in significant loss of power over long distances.

We believe that the distribution of the wind turbines to the point of use is a much more efficient and reliable solution for the land-owner or business. To that end, Small Wind Turbines, LLC (SWT) was formed to develop, produce and distribute several lines of very efficient wind turbines based on our new generator technology. The technology has been invented and initially developed as electric motors by Global Motors Invent Pty Ltd (GMI) in Australia and is now licensed by SWT with exclusive global manufacturing and distribution rights for use in 5-99Kw wind applications.  Our goal is to become the leading supplier of these GMI generators to as many small wind turbine system manufacturers as possible throughout the world.

After extensive green energy market research over the past several years, we have concluded that small wind is one of the most viable energy solutions to help create smart, sustainable on-grid and off-grid power worldwide. It has no carbon or any other emissions in producing energy, and less carbon impact in its manufacture and the disposal of its components than other forms of energy, while at the same time providing electrical power at one of the lowest capital investment costs per kilowatt hour. We have also consulted with numerous wind energy engineers and experts who predict that our revolutionary new generator technology holds great promise for the small wind industry.

The new generator technology is, in fact, so superior in cost, efficiency and weight; we feel it would make the other generators in this small wind range obsolete. Other small wind turbine manufacturers would have no choice but to incorporate it into their designs or simply lose their ability to compete. The potential to gain a large share of the world market very quickly is a real possibility under this scenario. It is the merging of this new technology with current successful and emerging turbine systems that will provide the greatest market development as quickly as possible.

The wave of world-wide desire to use green renewable energy and be energy independent puts SWT at the forefront of this movement. Capitalizing on the strong sales growth of small wind turbines, even in the face of a recession, SWT has the technology, position, strength, expertise and experience to dramatically take advantage of this opportunity.

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