Introduction to Small Wind Turbines, LLC
and Forecast For The Small Wind Industry

The next decade or so, leading into 2025, will provide for unprecedented business opportunities for the renewable energy industry and specifically the small wind (5kW to 100 kW capacity) sector.  The primary driver will be the advancement, commercialization and integration of emerging technology that will prove to significantly reduce system CapEx costs, reduce system O&M costs and increase performance and output. These technological advances will support strategic collaboration within the broad-based industry in identifying and developing new markets and in taking head-on the necessary global energy expansion needed, considering climate change, carbon reduction and smart grid development. The GMI Radial Flux Generator (RFG) is a great example of cutting–edge technology being able to vault small wind to prominence within the renewable energy industry.

duel statorThe dual stator, permanent magnet, radial flux generators development (RFG) and exclusive worldwide distribution rights were obtained in 2009 by Small Wind Turbines, LLC, operating out of Brainerd Minnesota. Integration of this technology will have a positive impact on small wind energy by introducing a whole new value proposition and ROI model. The process will create a new vision of strategic business development for the renewable energy industry. The premise and process integrating “core enabling technologies to advance economic development “ has been demonstrated countless times in the US in the last century. It is defined and detailed in a White Paper prepared by the Minnesota BioBusiness Alliance in 2009 entitled, Destination 2025: Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Industry, A Vision of the Future.  See


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