This website team reached the following nine conclusions:

  1. The upcoming decades will be an opportunity for the renewable energy industry relative to business development.
  2. Technological advances supporting the renewable energy industry are accelerating and will drive success.
  3. Renewable energy needs to focus more on distributed energy and community-based energy projects.
  4. The renewable energy industry is stronger as a strategic, collaborative industry in contrast to a network of independent sectors: solar heat, solar PV, small wind, large wind, geothermal and biofuels.
  5. Small wind has been left out of the mix of tax incentives until recently (2009).
  6. Targeting and developing new markets will a key strategy for small wind energy development.
  7. The small wind sector must quickly establish the infrastructure to meet the demands of the next decade including manufacturing, sales and marketing, distribution, installation, service and technology integration.
  8. Focus on strong economic impacts including rural economic development and jobs creation favors small wind.
  9. The SWT- RFG is an important technology enabling small wind to become more cost effective.

The fundamental question becomes how do we identify the 2-3 business opportunities with the greatest potential and design and implement a strategic plan to develop these new markets. The successful plan will be the first to comprehend the interests of the interests of the power companies and their customers, understand the technical and logistical barriers, assess the regulatory constraints, resolve the financial needs, detailing cost benefit ratios and ROI, and project marketing. The key is to build capacity and credibility by assembling a collaborative team of experts to address all issues and deliver turn-key solutions.

This Team would have as a minimum the following collaborative components/members

    Project management
    Regulatory affairs
    Financial planning/funding
    Costs benefits analysis
    Wind technology (turbines, generators, blades, inverters, controls)
    Electrical engineering
    Electrical storage and backup systems.

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