SWT Applications

SWT owns the exclusive rights globally to the RFL-GMI technology for wind turbine applications from 5 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts.

The high-efficiency, high energy density designs of SWT's wind generators can be tailored to a broad range of small wind applications – typically offering significant reductions in manufacturing cost, increased efficiency, reduced size and reduced weight of the finished designs. Some of the typical benefits offered by SWT designs within the various applications listed below. If your company is interested in testing our proto-types against other generators, we will make arrangements to ship or deliver our generators to your location or have you visit our locations.

Turbine Picture
SWT Wind Turbine Generators

Efficient and Economical Designs:

  • Very high efficiency designs, typically 95+ percent
  • Exceeds high efficiency US legislation and EU voluntary compliance standards
  • Ready for legislation in other countries such as China where legislation is expected soon
  • Direct Drive designs eliminate gearboxes, changing lubrication, hydraulics and service of other moving parts, which all reduce maintenance costs and personnel.

Wind Turbine Generators from 5 to 100 kilowatts

Our range of wind turbine generators is built especially to meet the demands of all sizes of residential and light commercial turbine applications, delivering significant reductions in overall size, cost and weight. This makes the design of the nacelle and tower easier and lowers overall engineering development, manufacturing and maintenance costs.

  •     Less weight per unit of power
  •     Very high efficiency
  •     Flat efficiency curve for wind speeds from 2.5 m/sec to 15 m/sec
  •     Direct drive design
  •     Easier transport, installation and maintenance
  • Remote villages
  • Residences of all sizes (on-grid or off-grid)
  • Dairy Farms
  • Crop Farms (irrigation)
  • Cattle Ranches
  • Hog Operations
  • Poultry Operations
  • Remote Military Operations
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Making NH3 (anhydrous ammonia for fertilizer, engine fuel and hydrogen storage)

In windy areas, wind turbines can greatly assist in generating electricity (either grid tied, battery backed or paired along with other remote generators) and can account for significant portions of total electricity required, up to 350,000 kilowatt hours per year in wind speeds of 11 meters/second or higher. High efficiency motor design is becoming mandatory through economic requirements, low service, maintenance and operations costs and new government legislation. The designs already exceed current and future planned high efficiency legislation making them the ideal choice for developing new, state of the art wind turbines. 

If the villages or residences are using batteries, here are some additional typical benefits:

  •     More power from the same battery current
  •     Reduced battery size
  •     Increased torque from same battery power
  •     Reduced weight

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