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Wind Turbine Design Capabilities

Garrad Hassan Company Profile
Garrad Hassan and Partners Limited was established in 1984 to answer a growing need for independent expert advice on wind energy. GH now employs over 300 full time staff working in the wind energy and marine renewables industries around the world and is recognised as the leading independent authority.

Garrad Hassan is an international consultancy, with offices in 18 countries

Our client list includes all the major wind turbine manufacturers, developers, banks and lenders. It demonstrates the worldwide nature of the company’s work as well as the broad spectrum of technical issues addressed by our team of dedicated wind energy experts. Garrad Hassan maintains its independence by taking no equity stake in any development or technology. We work purely on a consultancy basis. This one working principle is a guarantee to our clients of objective service of the highest quality. Recognition of our international success came in April 2000 when the company was awarded the Queen’s Award for Export Enterprise - a prestigious national award reflecting the company’s outstanding export work over many years.

Garrad Hassan’s expertise covers every aspect of wind energy

We have acted as Banks' or Owners' Engineer for over 18,000MW of operating wind farms around the world. We have carried out energy assessment totalling over 50,000MW. GH provides due diligence work, contract review and supervision for banks and lenders. Energy resource assessment, wind farm design and development services, on- and offshore are major parts of our portfolio. For governments, the EU and NGO’s we carry out analysis of energy policies, market surveys, regional resource studies, research and development. For manufacturers our services include design and analysis of wind turbines, components, control systems, as well as certification support and on-site measurements.

Leading products for the design of wind turbines and wind farms

GH Bladed, launched in 1996, is the industry standard software package for wind turbine design and analysis. GH T-MON is an integrated hardware and software system for the measurement of structural loads and performance of wind turbines. In 1998, the company launched GH WindFarmer, the advanced software tool for the design and analysis of wind farms, which is used throughout the world. GH SCADA is the leading independent wind farm management, information and reporting tool. GH Forecaster, launched in 2003, provides short term forecasts of the wind energy production of wind farms.

Wind Turbine Design, Testing & Certification
Garrad Hassan's team of highly experienced engineers, with state of the art software tools, offer a full range of wind turbine design, testing and certification services.
Abilities of the team include comprehensive load calculations, control system development, design of mechanical, structural and electrical components, support of certification and testing of both onshore and offshore wind turbines.
Load Calculations
Using GH Bladed, the industry standard package developed in house over many years and validated by Germanischer Lloyd, we carry out comprehensive analysis of wind turbine performance and loading, onshore and offshore.
Garrad Hassan provides a rapid and reliable design load calculation service based on in-depth knowledge of all relevant design standards and certification rules.
Control Systems Development
We are industry leaders in the design of turbine control systems and development of classical and modern multivariable control algorithms.
Our expertise includes advanced control algorithms for the alleviation of turbine structural loads and optimisation of energy capture.
We offer hardware implementation, testing and on-site commissioning of wind turbine controllers.
Real time control testing can be carried out using our purpose built facility based on interfacing the turbine controller to a GH Bladed simulation of the wind turbine.
Mechanical & Structural Design
Garrad Hassan carries out design of mechanical and structural components from concept, through detailed analysis, to design documentation, specifications and certification reports.
Based on a deep understanding of present technology and future development trends, Garrad Hassan provides innovative designs and detailed engineering solutions.
Our engineers equipped with design, drawing and FEM software have design capability for all components including: rotor hub, pitch system, nacelle structure, yaw system, tower and foundations.
Electrical System Design
Garrad Hassan carries out complete electrical system design to International and European standards.
Assistance with Certification
We are experienced with the requirements and expectations of the certification agencies. We carry out a detailed review of all component design calculations and documents prior to certification submission.
We also specify and manage component and full scale wind turbine measurements for certification purposes.
Close contact with the certification agencies allows us to streamline the certification process for clients.
Wind Turbine Measurements
Garrad Hassan has more than twenty years’ experience of measurements and wind turbine testing, onshore and offshore. We specify the measurement system and test programme, supply, install and calibrate the instrumentation and the GH T-MON data acquisition system, and perform data collection, analysis and reporting for wind turbine design verification.

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